Heirloom Quality


Vocabulary is a funny thing, a change in vocabulary really can alter perception. It's all about branding. We no longer eat vegetables from our garden, we are dining "farm to table." No one is a "craftsman", they're now an "artisan". At some point during the rebranding of our lifestyles the phrase "heirloom quality" started to get tossed in the mix. We all hear it all the time and usually don't think to question it; however, I am past the point where I can bear to hear one more person calling a machine stamped, base metal, made in China piece of...

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To Market To Market

At Catsavis Life Style Company we are always brainstorming new and innovative ideas to bring our clients the very best variety and selection of goods. This year we have become especially mindful of living life with intention and we want to ensure we are providing products that reflect an intentional life. We have always tried to steer clear of things mass produced in China and focus on American made and items crafted by people that are the best in their field. As a mother and daughter team we feel is it important for us to support other women in business...

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Gourmet Game Night

When the weather gets frigid, I like to spend my evenings entertaining at home. Bundling up for a night out on the town isn't always ideal. Sometimes it's nice to build a fire, and invite friends over for a low key evening. I'm very competitive by nature so an evening where everyone brings their favorite game felt like a natural fit. My husband has been dying to make pizza at home since he got his Big Green Egg and I thought setting up a gourmet pizza station would add to the fun and keep things from feeling overly formal. I...

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You are formally invited...

Welcome to the Catsavis Life Style Company blog. Our mission is to provide products that are beautifully crafted and lend themselves to a well styled life. Being Greek the concept of Kefi is very important, loosely translated as "enthusiasm and joy for living" our company is founded on the belief that everyday should be lived with passion and style. We want to formally invite you to stop by our creative crash pad weekly for tips, tricks, and ideas on incorporating our products into everything from entertaining to travel. We look forward to seeing you!   

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